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This page has reviews of books as well as other writings, speeches, and video of Paul Harris

The Founder of Rotary  (Paul Harris' first autobiography, an excellent narrative of his early life, complete on this website.)

"This narrative is the sincere and frank story of a great man—and only a great man could tell us such a story of his life as Paul has told us in the fellowship of Rotary. What may he not have to tell us at the close of another quarter century?" CHESLEY R. PERRY.

Read the entire book at rotaryfirst100


This Rotarian Age (Harris' 2nd book, an excellent text on Rotary, complete on our website.)

"At last, we have the story of Rotary by its Founder, Paul P. Harris. It is not merely a recital of what happened in 1905 or the years immediately following. It is an interesting story of Rotary — of yesterday, of today, and of tomorrow — written by one who had a fundamental idea and has witnessed and assisted in its development, and has developed with it. To Paul Harris, always a philosophic and persuasive leader in Rotary, the movement is greatly indebted. In the writing of this book he has again placed us all under deep obligation to him — for the accurate, fair, discerning, and appreciative manner in which he has analyzed what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen." CHESLEY R. PERRY.

A Visit to Great Britain and South Africa

A letter to James H. Roth, Field Representative of RI from Russell V. Williams, Assistant Secretary dated 27 February, 1936 states: 

“In regard to your inquiry about Volume I of 'Peregrinations', -- the real truth of the matter is there isn’t any Volume I. In 1928 Paul Harris made a Rotary Trip to Europe and upon his return published a pamphlet of some twenty pages entitled 'My Tour of Europe'. In 1932 he made another trip to Europe and brought out a report of it in mimeographed form. In 1934 he went to Great Britain and from there to South Africa and in October, 1934, issued a thirty-two page pamphlet entitled 'A Visit to Great Britain and South Africa.' Then came the trip to Japan, China, Manila, Australia, and New Zealand and a much larger manuscript. He decided to bring this out as a book. Then he began casting around for a title and his mind went back to the earlier reports and then went forward to the fact he as about to start for South America. He wanted a title which would cover all of his eventual trips and finally he chose 'Peregrinations'. Then he was mindful of the several pamphlets which he had already gotten out, the ones mentioned above, and he decided that some day those could be combined into one and they would make Volume I of 'Peregrinations'. For that reason he called the book which was recently sent to you Volume II, and until the situation is straightened out we are hoping that there won’t be too many people wondering where Volume I is”  Russell V. Williams, 27 Feb. 1936
Paul and Jean travel, on behalf of Rotary, to Hawaii, Japan, China, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. He records their travels, meetings and his philosophy in Peregrinations II

Along the way they planted many of the Friendship Trees, now on display as part of our project


Paul and Jean travel, again, at the invitation of the board of directors, to Columbia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Harris writes about the travels, but continues to record his philosophy of Rotary's power for peace.  They also planted many more Friendship Trees

The travels are published as Peregrinations III and the copyright was by Jean Harris

My Road To Rotary (Paul Harris' second autobiography, still in print today)  



Forward to "My Road to Rotary"
"Two things seem to me important in my more than three score and ten years of life—my New England valley and the Rotary Club movement. Frequently have the words been heard: “You little thought that Rotary would become the world-wide power for good that it is today. You builded better than you knew.” Very true, my friend, and yet while in the very beginning the road was not all clear all the way ahead there was an objective which led me on. The genealogy of my contributions to the movement goes back to my Valley, the friendliness of its folks, their religious and political tolerance. In a way, the movement came out of the valley. So I propose to tell you something about my boyhood in my Valley in Vermont." Paul P. Harris, from the forward to

"My Road to Rotary."


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10th Anniversary of Rotary

12th Anniversary of Rotary

1928 European Tour

1932 Bar Association trip to Europe

1913 - 1943  Harris Convention Speeches

Paul Harris on radio (1933, to non-Rotarians)

Signatures of Harris (Checks, Letters)

Correspondence from Paul Harris

What Paul Harris Said (A History Minute)

Video of Harris from ROTARY/One & Sweden

The New Orleans hurricane that nearly killed Harris

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